They Bloomed!!


You know those cherry branches I had in a pitcher in my family room? That I thought might bloom but wasn't sure? They did! They bloomed! Only three little blossoms, but that's all I needed to see. Happy me!

Of course I couldn't help myself, I had to put my favorite quote onto one of the pictures and save it for my inspiration wall. I'm not very good at this sort of thing, so if anyone else wants to take a whack at it, send it to me and I'll update this page with more options.

Here's the quote again:

May I a small house

and a large garden have;

And a few friends,

and many books.

both true, both wise,

and both delightful too.

~Abraham Cowley


I also changed the description thingy in my header. It used to say, "Creating cottage style, one thrift store at a time." Which is kind of true/funny/painful because I used to really think that's what I was doing! But there's three main ways that just didn't fit any more:

1. Who am I to say what a "style" is, cottage or otherwise? I have no idea. I just want my home to be comfortable and cozy and be a haven for my family in these hectic times.

2. I still thrift when I do buy something, but I almost never buy anything anymore. We live very, very frugally and so my new way is to try and figure out a way to make it work with what I already have here.

3. My home isn't going to be created by a lot of buying stuff anyway. Mostly the big changes happen because we put our back into it. Since our weeks are busy with work and homeschooling and everything else, we mostly do our projects on the weekends nowadays.

So. Now it says:

"Reaching for cottage dreams, one Saturday at a time."

Definitely more accurate for what I'm doing here. I'm dreaming, I'm reaching, and I'm getting the work done mostly on Saturdays! :-)

More tomorrow! I'm going to do an update on how my house compares to the no-holds-barred true confession from a little over a year ago.


~Angela :-)

~Angela :-)

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